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Hoosier Harmony Quartet

  1. But For the Blood
  2. O How I Love Serving the Lord
  3. Why Me Lord
  4. 1st Day in Heaven
  5. I Need You More Today
  6. Everywhere You Go
  7. Nothing Can Compare
  8. Now It’s Just Jesus and Me
  9. Tell Me The Story of Jesus
  10. One Day At A Time
  11. Check It Out
  12. He Made A Change
  13. In the Sweet Bye and Bye
Check It Out
  1. Everybody Oughta Know
  2. I Love To Tell The Story
  3. How Big Is God
  4. Jesus Is Coming Soon
  5. Someone To Care
  6. So Many Reasons
  7. Have I Got A Deal For You
  8. Hide Thou Me
  9. I’ll Fly Away
  10. Thank You Lord
  11. In The Garden
  12. Let The Sunshine In
  13. Without Him
  14. Till The Storm Passes By
Everybody Ought To Know
  1. The Pleasure Is Mine
  2. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
  3. It’s Great To Feel That Way
  4. For God So Loved
  5. There’s A Man In Here
  6. Jesus Is Calling
  7. Eastern Gate
  8. He Saw What I Could Be
  9. Jesus, I Believe What You Said
  10. I Feel Like Shoutin’
  11. What A Wonderful Saviour
  12. He’s The One
  13. I’ll Pray For You
The Pleasure Is Ours
  1. Rainbow Of Love
  2. Somebody Prayed For Me
  3. Heavenly Parade
  4. It’s Still True
  5. Something Within Me
  6. The King and I
  7. It’s Different Now
  8. Walkin’ and Talkin’ With My Lord
  9. I Can, I Will
  10. What a Beautiful Day
  11. If The Lord Wasn’t Walking By My Side
  12. Let’s Put God Back In America Again
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